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I'm tangled up in our embrace

Intro Post

Hi Everyone! I'm Chrissi, I live in St. Charles, a suburb west of Chicago. I have a 20 month old son, Gabe, who has spina bifida...we live a pretty normal life, though, all things considered. Some of my favorites are: Movies City of Angels, The Notebook, and anything with Nic Cage Music Sarah McLachlan, Metallica, Jewel, Five for Fighting Food Italian (GINO'S!!!) Mexican, Chinese Authors Nicholas Sparks, Wally Lamb, John Grisham
Some other things about me...I've been married, to George, for a little over 4 years, but we've been together for 8 years. I took my Montessori certification classes this summer...very hard...My family is in Michigan, as I am from Michigan. I like to cook, read, write, and surf the 'net. I am also involved with the Illinois Spina Bifida Association. I do not like Pres. Bush, I don't like fake people, I dislike liars with a passion. My family is my biggest priority...and I love sight seeing in Chicago...Go Sox...
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